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This is the latest: I have decided to dabble my toes in the chilly water of e-publishing. A few years ago I wrote a fantasy novel as a way to unwind after a more serious and demanding project.  I enormously enjoyed doing it, and when I looked at the completed novel, I really liked it; the few others who've read it also enjoyed it.  My publishers, however, didn't want it, probably because it was so different from what I normally do.  The poor thing might have languished on 'my documents' forever, but for Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.  The book is even now going live, with a cover image by Jen Berry, a friend of one of my sons.  If you buy it and don't like it--apologies.  If enough people buy it and like it, I'll do another.

Here's Jen's image.  It's the first time I've commissioned my own cover image, and I find much more satisfying than living with whatever the publishers come up with!
Gillian Bradshaw,
Mar 17, 2011, 6:27 AM