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I have recently dipped my toes in the chilly waters of e-publishing. 

Some years ago I wrote a fantasy as a way of unwinding after a more demanding project.  Fantasy is something you either like or despise; I like it, and always have.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing Magic's Poison, still liked it when I re-read it, and was disappointed that I couldn't find anyone to publish it.  Its hostile reception didn't even discourage me from writing three sequels, which I and various friends enjoyed.  Purchase of a Kindle disposed me to try to offer these books to a wider audience:  I still think they're fun, and I hope some of you do as well.  If you don't like fantasy, don't buy them!

These books are a series, not a tetralogy: each one tells a separate story, and could be read on its own, though the world and many of the characters carry over from one to another.  Magic's Poison is the first.

The cover art was done by Jen Berry.  I liked it, but the books earn so little that I couldn't justify the expense, alas.

The Enchanted Archive is number two in the series, and is set three years later, with the same point of view character.

The Duke's Murder is number three.  It has a different central character and is set eight years after its predecessor.

The Iron Cage is the last in the series.  The action occurs sixteen years after the previous book, and the central character is different again.

That's actually a printing press in the cover image.  I recycled a lot of the research on printing I did for my English Civil War books.  Just because it's a fantasy is no reason not to get the details right.